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Important changes to your Amazon order information

Note: These changes are only relevant for Amazon marketplace customers.

Amazon is making changes that impact how certain customer data is displayed and retained in many systems including T-HUB. There are two primary changes. The first pertains to redacted fields whose data will no longer be passed to T-HUB from Amazon. The second pertains to the length of time that Atandra can retain certain data in its system. Read on for more information.

New Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) orders, after this change:

  • Customer name will be displayed as a generic value Amazon FBA
  • Will show 10 zeros (0) in the Shipping Phone Number and Billing Phone Number fields.
  • The billing address fields will be copied from shipping address with the exception of Address Line 1, which will be modified to show "Redacted by Amazon".

PII data retention. Beginning on November 4th, all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in any orders that are older than 30 days will be removed in Atandra's T-HUB to comply with the Amazon PII policy. 

  •  This includes fields such as Buyer Name, Buyer Address Line 1, and Gift Notes information.
    • The order identifier, product purchased, totals, and other information will remain in the order. Only PII data will be removed.
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